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Beedata is a spin-off company of BEE Group (Building, Energy and Environment Group) from CIMNE. Beedata was founded on 2017 after 10+ years of experience in the research of the European energy market in projects like BECA, Encerticus, and Empowering.

At Beedata, we seek to develop solutions that actively participate in the energy transition. Energy efficiency and sobriety are key to achieve carbon neutrality and for this, it is necessary to rethink our consumption patterns. In order to accompany customers in understanding and controlling their energy consumption, tools are needed. That’s why at Beedata, we try to translate energy data from smart meters and inverters into information that can be processed by each citizen to reduce their expenses and their carbon footprint.

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Our investors play a crucial role in Beedata: The entrepreneurial spirit of the BEE Group researchers has been the catalyst for the project, CIMNE´s experience identifying all the key players in the value chain of the technology was fundamental to start this project, and finally Innoenergy has opened the doors to the global energy market.

Founded in 2010, the European Institute of Innovation & Technology is an innovation engine for sustainable energy across Europe.

Technical University of Catalonia research centre, developing computational and numerical methods for advanced knwoledge and technology in engineering and applied science.

Research center on big data and artificial intelligence to improve the use of energy in buildings and environment.

A non-profit green energy consumer cooperative which main activities are the commercialization and production of renewable energy.

Energy trading company (Electricity and Gas) in Spain.