Beedata winner of the Alperia Startup Factory

17 June 2019

We are winners of the Alperia Startup Factory!

On June 5, the final evaluation was made in front of the jury composed of Alperia’s top managment, where we were winners of the Startup Factory.

The process started with 142 projects that were filtered in a series of stages to finish with 4 startups to develop a pilot and expose to the jury, where finally we were selected along with another project to continue working.


After being selected at the Innovation Camp last December, Beedata conducted a 3-month pilot (from February to April) with a selection of Alperia customers, in which we demontrated that our tools generate up to 10 times more impact than any other industry campaign.

During these three months we worked together with Alperia to develop a prototype adapted to the needs of the company and to test the marketing possibilities.

Members of the Alperia staff: Devid Borsci, Marco Polenta, Federica Succio and Giorgia Farella, and Beedata Team Daniel Mandel and Xavier Cipriano with the award.


During the product prototype settings serveral proposals and tests were carried out with final clients, in which the characteristics ot the Italina electricity market and the needs of Alperia were deepened. The result was an energy report for non-residential clients that detailed relevant aspects of their consumption and offered recommendations and advices to improve it and be more efficient.


Finally Alperia gave its approval to the continuity of the project, so in the coming months the details will be negotiated to extend the delivery of reports and extend it to the vast majority of its customers.