We increased sales of self-consumption solar kits from Som Energia

22 October 2020

Som Energia installs 2,000 self-consumption solar kits and multiplies its commercial effectiveness by 5 with Beedata analytics

Beedata’s new photovoltaic optimization product has enabled Som Energia to increase sales closings of photovoltaic production systems, largely due to analytics and a detailed, customized report that has increased sales effectiveness by a factor of 5.

Context and scope

During 2020 Som Energia has carried out a series of collective solar self-production purchasing campaigns in different regions of Spain. The campaigns aimed at residential customers, are based on the analysis of hourly energy consumption data for the years 2019-2020.

A total of 9,542 contracts were analyzed with a project conversion rate of 20%.

A total of 7 campaigns were carried out in which 9,542 contracts were analyzed and closed the sale of more than 2,000 self-consumption kits among the members of the cooperative, which is equivalent to a conversion rate of 20% and which means a 5-fold increase in collective purchases of domestic solar kits for Som Energia, largely thanks to the analytical support of Beedata.

Map showing the provinces in which the campaigns have been carried out and the number of analyses performed.

A key factor in this increase has been the ability to simulate and optimize the installations with the hourly electricity consumption profile of each user. Thus, for each contract, multiple scenarios have been simulated, according to Som Energía’s catalog of installations, defined with the data of installers in each of the geographical areas, to find the Kit that gives the best return.

This massive, detailed and accurate simulation, and at the same time fast and agile, allows to adjust the offer by testing different elements of the installation and location variables, to understand which are the best cases and profiles and thus focus commercial efforts where it makes sense.

The tool that Beedata proposes has allowed Som Energía to use fewer resources and streamline a process that previously involved high dedication and low impact capacity, allowing now to reach many more people in massive and proactive campaigns with high precision and confidence in the results.

Big Data analytics for massive simulation

Beedata’s analytical capabilities

Many companies offer this type of analysis on a customized basis, albeit in an individual format and on demand. The advantage of the new BeePV product is that it allows to provide a customized hourly analysis for thousands of users and for all the photovoltaic production kits determined in record time.

For this purpose, Beedata uses a big data architecture (based on Hadoop) that allows iterating millions of calculations in parallel, in which a photovoltaic system simulator, an economic-financial analysis engine and the optimization algorithm that identifies the optimal kit based on the best returns on investment or the best combination of variables considered relevant have been integrated.

Beedata is the only company in Spain with massive simulation capacity for photovoltaic installations.

Beedata has been working since 2017 with electricity marketers and distributors at national and international level, managing and analyzing data from Smart Meters of thousands of users. The massive analysis has allowed Beedata to stand out as the only company in the sector capable of simulating thousands of optimized photovoltaic installations in record time.

BeePV provides comprehensive support and advice in the design of a commercial system that has increased sales of photovoltaic self-consumption systems by a factor of 5.

This new product complements the “user engagement” offer that Beedata has been providing since 2017, with multiplatform energy reports for customers of electricity retailers. These reports help to strengthen customer loyalty by analyzing their electricity consumption and giving practical advice to users to reduce their energy bills and be more efficient in their energy use.