Welcome at Beedata

24 May 2017

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our blog, where you will find Beedata news and industry news. You are on our list because we have already been in contact during 2015 or 2016 through BEE Group or CIMNE.

Beedata is founded in 2017 as a Spin-off of BEE Group, as a result of a 10-year experience in European user energy awareness research projects and following the successful inclusion of the resulting services in the European and South American markets.

We offer 3 services that make it possible to take advantage of the new data available to electric utilities, in the context of the already massive deployment of smart meters and the transformation of the energy market.

2017 has brought excellent news for Beedata: we have formed the company, participated in 2 international events (EUW and TBB) with a stand and presentations, consolidated our service offering and look forward to what 2018 brings.

In this blog we will tell you about some of the business cases and advances we have had during this last year, we hope you find the information we share useful. If you also want to take advantage of energy data to improve the relationship with your customers, generate business intelligence and promote new products.

Xavi Cipriano