TBB2023: Productivity and Savings for the Energy Transition

17 October 2023

We are excited to announce our participation in the prestigious international event #TBB2023 , where we will showcase our latest solutions in the electric and solar energy sector. We have been committed to innovation as the driving force for productivity in the field of energy efficiency and artificial intelligence systems to collectively enhance the essential and rapid Energy Transition.

Empower your offering by improving your current solutions and introducing new ones

Our vision of a world with a fair energy transition inspires us every day. We work tirelessly to maximize the profitability of solar energy investments. Customer analysis facilitates informed decisions that drive cross-selling offers and strategies.

Make energy transistion easy, personalized mass communication and forecast quality

Analyzing each customer’s personal data also allows us to identify their needs. With the new product sales opportunities in the energy sector. Our solutions come with ultra-personalized reports containing seasonal energy information for each household or business, promoting savings throughout the year and tailored to each type of rate and customer.

We are committed to delivering a service that upholds the highest standards of data quality, accuracy, and reliability. Our mission is to ensure customer satisfaction through clear communication, ultra-personalized attention, and continuous support.

Support your customers with transparency, control, and profitability

Discover our web-app, easily accessible through a magnet or QR code, allowing customers direct access to their energy profile. From there, they can manage their energy use with daily efficiency recommendations for their appliances, based on personalized data for prices and historical consumption. This not only reduces excess from the PV installation but also optimizes customer support. It is possible to add a pop up screen when the application is opened or to insert an advertisement, in order to give visibility to useful products for the customer, according to his personal consumption.

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