We launch a new, more intuitive and fluid website to discover or rediscover our solutions.

13 June 2023

With a focus on understanding our solutions and the needs we meet, we have updated our website where we wanted to combine functionality and modern design. Explore the solutions we offer to meet today’s energy challenges, and discover our new modern and attractive design.

In order to provide greater understanding and fluidity, we have organized our solutions into three main categories to facilitate the identification of the needs that our solutions address. The first is active demand management, where we provide digital tools with customized analysis and recommendations to optimize the energy consumption of your end-use, tertiary and residential customers. The second category focuses on large-scale personalized communications, where we offer solutions to effectively reach targeted audiences and increase conversion to energy product sales. Finally, our third category is dedicated to the support of energy communities and the equitable sharing of energy to maximize savings in collective self-consumption systems.

An opportunity to discover our new Bee Active and SIE community solutions.

During this year, Beedata has developed an innovative solution called Bee Active, a web app that uses Artificial Intelligence and data analytics to provide your customers with personalized energy saving recommendations, appliance usage recommendations and the ability to track trends in energy usage. Our web app is accessible through a physical object (magnet, sticker, keychain…) with NFC or QR code and by swiping the cell phone nearby, it allows a simple and fast access to home energy for all your customers, favoring a more inclusive adaptation process for less technological profiles.

Bee Active also accommodates customers with self-consumption systems by providing relevant information about their solar photovoltaic installations, enabling maximum utilization of their renewable energy generation. By offering efficient self-service, Bee Active Solar contributes to reducing the costs associated with customer service and maintenance for installation companies by empowering customers with real-time information and practical solutions, encouraging the resolution of doubts and problems on an individual basis.

Finally, at Beedata we continue our commitment to innovation and sustainability in the field of photovoltaic energy efficiency and Shared Self-consumption installations and Energy Communities. For several months we have developed together with Inergy BCN: SIE Community. A modular solution with Artificial Intelligence that has a new algorithm designed together with CIMNE Technologies and that allows the optimized energy distribution in the design for new energy communities or the recalculation in the existing ones, allowing a higher profitability than the current and majority system of calculation of static distribution coefficients. The tool also includes a management module, SIE Gestiona, designed to save time in management with greater agility in the management of demand and flexibility of energy systems.

We hope that our new platform will be a useful tool for our customers and partners in the search for innovative solutions in the field of energy data analytics, good reading and good energy transition!