NFC technology for direct access to your energy profile

11 May 2023

Empower your customers through a unique physical and digital channel.

Today, customers are looking for a more active control system and greater savings in their energy consumption. Beedata equips your customers with an innovative technology of simple communication, which goes beyond the Apps, allowing them to make decisions and energy saving actions with awareness, confidence and freedom.


The growing share of energy in household and industrial budgets leads to higher expectations on the service side than just energy supply. A new form of communication is needed, different from invoices, web and customer portals. In addition, the strong competition in the energy market, and the difficulty to offer competitive energy prices, leads to the need to offer new disruptive services that lead to greater loyalty and trust from your customers.


With Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analytics, transform your customer relationships. Thanks to a smart magnet equipped with an NFC printed code, provide quick access to energy information for your customers, ideal for non-tech-savvy users. Our solution is designed for energy providers and solar panel installers aiming to offer transparency and control to self-consumption customers with indexed tariffs or adjustable equipment.

The advice is based on the energy data of each customer and public data (weather data), enabling hyper-personalization of information and delivering the best user experience. Through our app, you can identify low-cost consumption hours, successfully manage high-consumption devices, and gain insight into cost and consumption forecasts, effectively combining prevention and projection on a single platform.

Analyzing each customer’s personal data also allows us to identify their needs. With the new product sales opportunities in the energy sector, our solution can also be used as a product sales platform. It is possible to add a pop up screen when the application is opened or to insert an advertisement, in order to give visibility to useful products for the customer, according to his personal consumption.

Beedata also offers a friendly, transparent communication, in the most suitable channel (web calculator, personal e-mail, invoice banner) helping customers to take the step, reducing the risks of dissatisfaction, and increasing conversion rates. We accompany you in increasing sales of photovoltaic self-consumption services within your company, thanks to our AI and big data that guarantees reliability and greater effectiveness, at a lower price than traditional campaigns.


Providing clarity and transparency about energy management will help differentiate you from the competition and attract new customers. Customer satisfaction will increase, with customer retention up to 95%. Moreover, the sales team will be able to receive quantified support on the optimal products for each customer, multiplying cross-selling of new products by 4 times. Finally, for solar panel installers, having access to plant maintenance KPIs will facilitate remote maintenance.

We always try to find the most efficient ways to empower citizens. Hopefully this solution will allow them to be an active player in the energy transition, and transform our energy model towards a more decentralized, social and sustainable model.

Hopefully this solution will allow them to be an active player in the energy transition, and transform our energy model towards a more decentralized, social and sustainable model.