• SolarScan
  • Cluster

Share tailored scenarios of self-consumption photovoltaic installation with all your customers.

We create simulations with personalized results for each customer adapted to their hourly consumption profile, to maximize satisfaction and their return on investment.

1. Prospect and segment your client data base

2. Identify the design variables

3. Receive the aggregated results

4. Send massively PV oriented campaign

A solution close to your and your customer's needs

  • Define the criteria and indicators for all your customers

  • KPI analysis for product configuration

  • Integrate various energy and financial-economic simulations under the scenarios

  • Selection of the 3 best scenarios under the defined criterias

Enhance your communication strategies with data analysis.

Tailor your marketing, sales, and commercial strategies to your ideal customers. Expand the company's vision of the new energy consumer and its preferences.

Right decisions are no longer a problem

Our algorithms can generate useful indicators to evaluate the feasibility of new products and tariffs.

Offer new renewable energy products and services to your customers:

  • Photovoltaic prospection

  • New tariff design and simulation

  • Increase in EV /batteries adoption rates...