We are hiring! Developer and Data Scientist

2 May 2023

Number of positions to be filled: 1
Professional category: 1
Location and work center: Terrassa (Barcelona)
Gross annual remuneration: 33.000€.
Working day: Full time, 40h per week
Type of contract: Indefinite
Expected duration: 2 years

Profile description

We love people with strong intellectual capacity with the ability to quickly absorb and understand complex business problems. People who can challenge the ideas of others, but who can work together to deliver optimal solutions for our clients. If you want to be part of something that is continuously developing, in the world of energy transition and disruptive, this is the opportunity.

This is a multi-tasking position, so we require a person who is adaptable and confident to work on different projects rather than a specific product.

We are looking for a junior data scientist to join our team of data scientists. The ideal candidate should combine good technical skills, with a focus on data science, with the ability to inspire and the desire to strengthen the Beedata team. We also prioritize gender balance, so we are preferentially looking for female profiles.

About Beedata

Beedata (www.beedataanalytics.com) is a spin off company born five years ago from the International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE, http://www.cimne.com) in Catalonia, and has a small and focused software engineering and development team, based a few kilometers (35Km) from the city of Barcelona, in the city of Terrassa.
Being in the Beedata team

We create a relaxed physical and intellectual environment that fosters innovation. We positively encourage people to participate in the development process by contributing their ideas and experience, helping us to improve both our products and the way we build them. We offer work flexibility, part-time work at home, and work-life balance and other motivations.

Job Duties

Work on the development and maintenance of energy demand and generation prediction algorithms for electricity consumers, from historical data, and price evolution.
Understand the artificial intelligence requirements, baseline and prediction models of different customers for the Hadoop environment, programming with Python, and acting as a bridge between the analytical software, R and Python (Pandas)m based scripts and the functional requirements of each type of customer.
Add Artificial Intelligence and machine learning functionalities related to energy usage optimization and sharing of usage coefficients in energy communities, within the BeeData platform using available tools (Hadoop, Hive, Hbase, Mongo DB).
Build prototype development pipelines, validation and testing in real environment, and integration and scalability in the big data production environment.


Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD in Physics, Mathematics and Statistics, Computer Engineering, Computer Science or similar.
Age: under 30 years old.
Be registered as unemployed and registered as a job seeker in the SOC at the time of hiring.
Not having had a contractual relationship with Beedata within 6 months immediately prior to the start of the contract.

Merits or aspects to be valued

Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree in statistics, mathematics, physics, computer science or engineering.
1-3 years of related experience as a data scientist, machine learning engineer or similar.
Demonstrable knowledge in statistics (forecasting, clustering, ..) and operations research.
Demonstrable experience in R and Python programming.
(Desirable) Demonstrable experience in time series analysis.
(Desirable) Experience with SQL.
(Desirable) Experience with Big Data technologies (hadoop, spark, …).
(Desirable) Experience with test driven development.
Passionate about the energy industry (utilities, renewables, …).
Passionate about analytics. Driven to acquire the necessary skills to perform complex tasks.
Strong communication skills (verbal and written).

Qualification system

First, the requirements and merits will be evaluated with a maximum score of 100 points. To obtain this grade, the values obtained in the following sections will be added together:

Academic qualifications: 20%.
Training and further education: 20%.
Professional experience: 20%.
Knowledge of the Catalan language: 7.5%.
Knowledge of English: 7.5%.
Selective tests and interviews: 25%.

Candidates should send their cover letter and CV to info@beedataanalytics.com indicating the reference of the vacancy and attaching the required documents.

Shortlisted candidates may be asked for the documentation required in the “Requirements” and “Merits” sections and may be called for selective tests (which may be eliminatory) and / or personal interviews.
If you are a candidate

Send us your letter of presentation and CV to the e-mail info@beedataanalytics.com