Bring transparency to your electricity bills with our BeeReports

9 September 2022

The complexity of the electricity market and the instability and constant changes in recent years, makes it difficult for people to understand their bills and the forecast of their expenses. Beedata helps you to make bills transparent and empower your customers to increase loyalty.

Offer analysis reports and tips to reduce energy consumption.

To effectively help your customers reduce their energy consumption and therefore save money, you need to give them the means to understand their consumption and how they can control it. BeeReports are reports that are sent to your customers, residential or commercial, with analysis and advice on their energy consumption.

Create a report that meet your needs, and set the delivery frequency.

Customers spend an average of 30 minutes a year interacting with their energy supplier, so it is necessary to define the message and interaction time to get the most out of it. It is possible to choose the composition of the reports in our catalog and adjust the information that best suits the company and the end customer. The data will be customized according to the profile of each customer, thanks to results based on the analysis of real consumption data. In addition, you can schedule the frequency of sending our reports to share relevant information at the right time.

Increase the visibility of your products and make specific and unique offers.

By analyzing your customer data, you can find out which products are suitable for which customers and carry out targeted marketing in the reports.

Analyzing the personal data of each customer also allows us to identify their needs.

With the new product sales opportunities within the energy sector, our solution can also be used as a product sales platform. Increase the visibility of all your products and increase sales by quickly identifying needs and creating a unique and effective communication with personal arguments for each one.

Guarantee transparency and security for your customers.

By sending our BeeReports along with invoices, your customers will have full transparency about their consumption, which will increase trust and loyalty towards your company. These reports also help reduce the number of calls to your customer service department, thanks to the analysis and data sharing. Increase engagement with your customers by sharing tips on how to reduce their bills, to be not only an energy supplier, but also a savings service provider.

Find value in a smarter marketplace