Results of self-consumption solar kits sales with Som Energía

12 July 2022

For the last three years we have accompanied Som Energía in the sale of photovoltaic production systems.

What are the results and what is the project about?

In 2019, Som Energía, the Catalan cooperative, a green energy provider, seeks to transform the current energy model towards a more sustainable model based on renewable energy sources. Changes in production and consumption are necessary to achieve that challenge, which leads them to a strong development of collective purchases of solar self-production in each Spanish region.

How is Beedata helping them?

Beedata helps to increase the closing of sales of photovoltaic production systems thanks to a reliable accompaniment and advice of end customers. Our support allows us to offer a precise and massive solution to end users to increase the sales of this type of installation.

The first step is data analysis. For current customers, we analyze the hourly electricity consumption, and for non-customers, we analyze their monthly consumption data (SIPS) and a form on their energy use, obtaining a selection of customers with the greatest potential to purchase these facilities.

Then, for each user, multiple scenarios are simulated according to Som Energia’s installation catalog, selecting the optimal scenario according to each customer’s profile and consumption. This massive, accurate and agile simulation allows to concentrate commercial efforts where they are really needed, to propose hyper-customized offers according to users’ needs, and to increase sales success.

What were the results?

2022 marks the third year of the solution’s implementation, and the results are promising. During 2020 and 2021, Som Energía customers installed 4,500 self-consumption solar kits (2,500 in 2020 and 2,000 in 2021), almost doubling its sales conversion ratio. A total of 10 campaigns were conducted per year compared to 2 campaigns in 2019, and analyzing 20,000 contracts bringing the conversion rate to 22% with Beedata analytics.

Our solution has allowed Som Energía to reach a massive number of people with high potential for closing sales, offering agility and efficiency in a process that previously involved high dedication and low impact. The massive analysis has allowed beedata to stand out as the only company in the sector capable of simulating thousands of optimized photovoltaic installations in record time.

Analyzing the personal data of each customer also allows us to identify their needs.

Analyzing each customer’s personal data also allows us to identify their needs. With the new product sales opportunities in the energy sector, our solution can also be used as a product sales platform. It is possible to add a pop up screen when the application is opened or to insert an advertisement, in order to give visibility to useful products for the customer, according to his personal consumption.

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