Targeted marketing to increase sales in the electricity sector

12 July 2022

Awaken your customers’ interest with new product offers and targeted marketing.

Reinvent the approach to your customers, offering them a personalized experience with tailored offers, avoiding mass media communication and huge advertising expenses.

Real commitment and business intelligence, the purpose of Beedata

Our goal at beedata is to transform energy data into actionable information for energy companies to create “real” customer engagement and assist in business intelligence. One of our services is to support energy suppliers in the sale of solar installations. A solution that has benefited Som Energia, a Catalan cooperative that supplies green energy, which saw its sales ratio of self-consumption PV systems increase to 1 to 4 in 3 years, thanks to our analytics.

What is our support in your sales process?

Our solution is divided into several steps starting with a meticulous prospecting and selection of the customers with the highest purchasing potential. Once the target group has been defined, active and focused marketing is carried out by making direct contact with the customers. Arguments based on actual consumption are shared, allowing for unique commercial campaigns with low investment and high profitability.

Targeted and active marketing to offer unique and effective communications

The installation of photovoltaic solar energy requires a high economic investment. The uncertainties surrounding its benefits are high, so it is necessary to share realistic and clear information so that the customer can make an informed decision.

In beedata, two different communications are made according to your needs:

1. Personalized advertisement on the bill

Bills are the most effective (if not the only) way to share information with your customers. You can add in a corner an advertisement with summary information about the benefits of the installation, always offering the possibility to discover more information with a link to a personalized solar calculator, Bee Calc.

2. Fluss report

If you want to carry out a solar panel sales campaign, this option is the most suitable. It offers exhaustive and personal information about the future installation, available by email through a report.

Accompany your communications with our solar calculator, bringing transparency and flexibility to your offers.

Integrate the optimal scenario into our solar calculator that is inserted into the customer portal, providing transparency and confidence in your offer. It is the perfect tool for customers who wish to make modifications to the proposed scenario, allowing them to vary the size, orientation and surface area of the installation. In addition, you can add EV or heat pump, allowing you to foresee future scenarios. This simple calculator will provide greater confidence in the offer, and will also reduce the risk of leakage in the purchase of the system, and customer dissatisfaction once the system is installed.

Find value in a smarter marketplace