Crossing the Atlantic

2 January 2018

Business Intelligence at UTE (Uruguay)

Business intelligence is one of the pending issues for most companies. With the launch of “Smart meters”, electric utilities have exponentially increased the data they collect from their customers. This amount and variety of data makes it difficult to make timely decisions in the business, and that is why it is extremely useful to have Business Intelligence solutions.

“UTE is Uruguay’s national electricity company and serves 3.5 million people.”

UTE is in the process of implementing smart meters in its customer network. Aware of the technological change involved in data management, in 2016 they decided to implement the beeSmart service in their main customers (medium and large consumers). To this end, it has 30 energy managers who advise companies on the optimal use of facilities, the tariff that best suits their form of consumption, optimization of contracted power or penalties for reactive energy.

In 2017, seeking to increase the impact on these customers, we proposed the use of bee360. This tool helps to segment customer groups and model scenarios: such as benefit from tariff change, power optimization, etc. This allows UTE to find customer groups, previously hidden, to which they can proactively propose savings and efficiency campaigns on a massive scale.

In November we traveled to Uruguay to train energy managers in the use of this tool that will help them make their work more efficient and increase customer satisfaction.