User empowerment

2 January 2018

User Empowerment at SOM Energía

We know that user empowerment is the future of any service company and in the energy sector it is a differentiating factor for any electricity retailer. In 2017, SOM Energía hired Beedata to help implement Infoenergía, a tool to help its partners and customers understand their energy use and inform them of options and resources to make it more efficient.

“SOM Energía is the largest energy cooperative for the production and commercialization of energy in Spain. Its members / customers seek not only to consume renewable energy, but to use it efficiently.”

During 2017, we have adapted beeSmart to SOM Energía’s requirements, working together with its technical team for the initial launch of massive reports to all its clients, with easy-to-understand information and actions to save energy customized for each client. SOM Energía has also implemented a virtual office where more advanced users will be able to access extended information and directly manage their contract.

After the first launch, in October we held a workshop to collect feedback from more than 50 customers, which will help us implement the new service approach this 2018. We leave you with a fragment of the workshop, in which our CEO Xavier Cipriano introduces the service to partners: