A platform for the design and optimal management of shared self-consumption or Energy Communities.

SIE-Comunidad is an advanced software and calculation system with the best predictions and economic conditions for the community participants.

It is a modular tool with a powerful and innovative calculation system that allows an optimization in the design of the community and in the management.

Comunidad dimensiona

This module consists of two functionalities to create and formalize a collective self-consumption.

Predefine different locations and optimal scenarios according to the typologies of groups and members.

Through sizing you will be able to validate the feasibility of the commercial proposal with the maximum efficiency of the simulation.

  • High predictability of calculations and management of demand and variability of groups.
  • Guarantees maximum profitability.

Comunidad GESTIONA

Powerful management software developed 10 years ago by INERGY that has everything you need to facilitate management. Among other things you will be able to:

  • Optimize consumption, by adjusting the distribution coefficients 3 times a year, allowing an agile and optimal management of the community and the high return on investment.
  • Powerful dashboard from where you can easily manage the members, their economic balances, reports and invoices, as well as the management of other photovoltaic production nodes.


Comunidad ACTIVA

Support the participants and customers of your community with relevant information at the right time, just by passing their cell phone over our fridge magnet.

Our BeeSolarAdvisor product is integrated into the platform, to make the technology easier and more understandable by its participants, and to encourage the necessary changes in habits.

Monthly BeeReports are also sent to see the evolution and energy balances.


Comunidad COMUNICA

The public environment of the community where the savings, the balance of atuoconsumption and GHG reduction are reflected.

This platform is for group motivation and collective commitments.