The energy portal for proactive users: Bee Portal

27 April 2023

Empower your customers thanks to a unique physical and digital channel.

With the continuous rise of energy prices, innovation and challenges in the sector, it is important to communicate regularly with your customers so they can understand the situation and the options available and then make decisions. At Beedata, we offer a customer space and make it more interactive, improving the quality of your services and processes.

A solution that provides control to your end customers and support to your teams.

Beedata helps you create screens to integrate into your customer area in order to enrich the information available to your end customers and support your internal teams. The Bee Portal customer portal is a solution with a double benefit. On the one hand, to the end customer whether residential or professional, giving them free access to energy analysis and advice. And on the other hand, for your sales or customer service teams, giving them the tools to perform their daily tasks quickly and efficiently.

Leverage your customer portal and turn it into an effective communication channel with users.

Feed the customer portal with advanced analytics and relevant energy tips to share. Communicate your consumption, forecasts, consumption peaks and offer tips to reduce consumption.

Analyzing each customer’s personal data also allows you to identify their needs. With new product sales opportunities within the energy sector, our solution can also be used as a product sales platform. It is possible to add a pop up screen when the application is opened or to insert an advertisement, in order to give visibility to useful products for the customer, according to his personal consumption.

The analysis of energy data also allows you to know which product corresponds to each of them, and Bee Portal is an ideal platform for targeted marketing developed for each target. Increase the visibility of all your products and increase your sales by quickly identifying specific needs and creating a unique and effective communication with personal arguments for each of them.

Free access, a more efficient way to reduce management costs.

By giving free access to your energy information, the prevention of future invoices is possible in contrast to the timeliness of Bee Reports. This not only translates into fewer calls to your customer service department, but also fewer surprises for your end customers, reducing the number of unpaid bills through prevention and relevant advice.

An ideal solution for customers with more flexibility in their consumption.

Updating of energy data will depend on accessibility, but on average, every 3 days can vary the analysis and advice. This speed allows customers to take instant action to reduce future bills. The degree of control over their energy consumption depends not only on the goodwill of citizens (unfortunately), but also on their appliances and installations. This solution is ideal for customers with a high degree of control, as it allows them continuous visibility of their consumption and therefore a recurring adjustment.